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No Follow

What is “No Follow”?

No Follow is an HTML attribute used to instruct search engine crawlers not to follow or index a specific link on a webpage. It was introduced as a means to control the flow of PageRank and prevent spammy or untrusted links from influencing search engine rankings.


No Follow is an HTML attribute that can be added to a hyperlink to instruct search engine crawlers not to follow or pass PageRank to the linked webpage. When a link is marked as No Follow, search engines such as Google will not count it as a signal for ranking purposes, effectively excluding it from their algorithmic considerations.

Example of how you can use “No Follow”

An example of using No Follow is when a website includes user-generated content, such as comments or forum posts. By adding the No Follow attribute to the links within these user-generated sections, website owners can mitigate the risk of spammy or low-quality links from negatively impacting their site’s SEO performance.

Key Takeaways for No Follow

  1. Control Link Juice: No Follow allows website owners to control the flow of PageRank and prevent the passing of link equity to untrusted or low-quality external websites.
  2. Mitigate Spam: By using No Follow attributes on user-generated content or untrusted links, website owners can reduce the risk of their site being associated with spammy or malicious websites.
  3. Compliance with Guidelines: Following search engine guidelines by using No Follow attributes appropriately can help maintain a website’s credibility and avoid potential penalties.
  4. Focus on Quality: Prioritizing high-quality, relevant links over quantity can improve the overall authority and trustworthiness of a website.
  5. Strategic Implementation: Using No Follow strategically on non-essential or sponsored links can help optimize the distribution of PageRank and enhance the overall SEO strategy.

FAQs for “No Follow”

Does No Follow affect internal links?

No, the No Follow attribute only applies to external links and does not impact the flow of PageRank within a website's internal linking structure.

How does No Follow impact SEO rankings?

No Follow links do not pass PageRank or influence search engine rankings directly, but they can still provide value by directing traffic and contributing to the overall user experience.

Should I use No Follow for all external links?

It's not necessary to use No Follow for all external links, but it's recommended for untrusted or user-generated content to avoid potential negative impacts on SEO.

Can No Follow links still drive traffic to my website?

Yes, No Follow links can still drive traffic to your website if users click on them, but they will not contribute to your site's PageRank or SEO rankings.

Are there any penalties for misusing the No Follow attribute?

While there are no direct penalties for misusing No Follow, violating search engine guidelines could result in a loss of trust and credibility, which may indirectly affect SEO performance.

How can I add the No Follow attribute to a link?

You can add the No Follow attribute to a link by including the rel="nofollow" attribute within the HTML anchor tag ().

Can I remove the No Follow attribute from a link later?

Yes, you can remove the No Follow attribute from a link by simply removing the rel="nofollow" attribute from the HTML anchor tag.

Does No Follow impact social media links?

No, social media platforms typically use their own methods to determine how links are treated and do not adhere to the No Follow attribute.

Are there any exceptions to when I should use No Follow?

While No Follow is primarily used for untrusted or sponsored links, there may be exceptions based on specific SEO strategies and objectives.

Does No Follow affect anchor text optimization?

No, the No Follow attribute does not directly impact anchor text optimization, but it can indirectly influence overall link-building strategies and anchor text diversity.

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