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Page Rank

What is Page Rank in the context of SEO?

Page Rank in SEO refers to a ranking algorithm developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google. It measures the importance of web pages based on the quantity and quality of links pointing to them. Page Rank was a foundational element of Google’s search algorithm, although its influence has diminished over time due to the introduction of other ranking factors.


Page Rank is a numerical value assigned to web pages by Google, representing their relative importance and authority in the eyes of the search engine. It is calculated based on the quantity and quality of inbound links from other web pages. The higher the Page Rank of a page that links to another page, the more “link juice” it passes to that page, thereby boosting its own authority and influencing its position in search engine results.

Example of how you can use Page Rank

An example of leveraging Page Rank is by acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites within your industry. By obtaining links from reputable sources with high Page Ranks, you can improve the authority and visibility of your own website in search engine results. For instance, securing a backlink from a well-established industry publication can significantly enhance your website’s Page Rank and search rankings.

Key Takeaways for Page Rank

  1. Quality over Quantity: Focus on acquiring backlinks from high-quality, authoritative websites rather than pursuing a high volume of low-quality links.
  2. Relevance Matters: Seek backlinks from websites that are relevant to your niche or industry, as relevance enhances the value and impact of the links.
  3. Diverse Link Profile: Aim for a diverse link profile with a mix of anchor text, link types, and referring domains to appear natural to search engines.
  4. Monitor and Maintain: Regularly monitor your website’s Page Rank and backlink profile, and take proactive measures to address any issues or opportunities.
  5. Long-Term Strategy: Building Page Rank and acquiring quality backlinks is a long-term process that requires patience, persistence, and ongoing effort.


Is page rank still relevant in modern SEO?

While page rank is no longer the sole determinant of search rankings, it still plays a role in Google's algorithm alongside other factors.

How often does Google update page rank scores?

Google no longer publicly updates page rank scores, making it difficult to determine the current page rank of a website or page.

Can I influence page rank through internal linking?

Yes, internal linking can help distribute page rank within your website and improve the visibility of important pages in search results.

Are all backlinks created equal in terms of page rank?

No, backlinks from high-authority websites with strong page ranks carry more weight and influence in boosting the page rank of linked pages.

Does Page Rank consider the relevance of linking pages?

While page rank primarily evaluates the authority of linking pages, relevance is also a factor that contributes to the overall value of backlinks.

Can page rank be manipulated through link schemes?

Attempting to manipulate page rank through link schemes or black hat SEO tactics can result in penalties from search engines and harm your website's rankings.

How can I improve my website's page rank?

Focus on creating high-quality content, earning natural backlinks from authoritative sources, and optimising your website's user experience and technical performance.

What role do social media links play in page rank?

While social media links may indirectly contribute to page rank by driving traffic and engagement, they generally carry less weight than editorial backlinks from reputable websites.

Does page rank apply to individual pages or entire websites?

Page rank applies to individual pages, although the overall authority and quality of a website's backlink profile can influence the page rank of its pages.

Is there a direct correlation between page rank and search rankings?

While page rank is one of many factors that influence search rankings, it is not the sole determinant, and other factors such as relevance, user experience, and content quality also play significant roles.

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