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How to share access to GA4

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How to share access to GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a handy tool for understanding your website’s performance. When you want to share what you’ve learned with your colleagues, here’s a straightforward guide on how to give them access to GA4:

The Administration Settings

  1. Log into your business’s Google Analytics account at analytics.google.com. From the homepage, you’ll hover over the icons to the left of your screen and click on “Admin” at the bottom left corner.

2. Once in the administration menu, add the new user by clicking on “Account Access Management”. 

    • There is also another option of granting access through the “Property Access Management” but this is only relevant if you have multiple websites within one account. Using this option, you can grant access to a specific website profile without access to the whole account.

3. After clicking “Account Access Management”, you’ll see all of the current users with access to your account. Click on the blue plus icon in the top right, and then click “Add users”.

4. Type the email addresses of everyone you’d like to add to the account.

5. Check to see if the checkbox marked “Notify new users by email” is selected. This should be checked by default. Then, select the role you’d like to grant. Each has a short description to help you select the right one. Administrators will have the same access as you and is the only role where they can add other users. Further below, there are additional restrictions you can place on these users. After all of your emails are added and options selected, click the blue “Add” button in the upper right.

6. This will send an email to all of the new users inviting them to join your business’s account. For someone to accept this invitation, they will need a personal Google account. Instruct them to simply click the link and sign in with this personal Google account. After they do, they’ll be prompted to select which email communications they’d like to receive. Toggle these by clicking the blue check marks. Then click, “Save”.

7. Now, all of your colleagues will have access to your Website’s Google Analytics account and view all of the helpful reports!

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