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Ad Group Settings - Marketing Glossary

Ad Group Settings


Ad Group Settings refer to the configuration options and parameters that determine how ads are organised and displayed within an advertising campaign. These settings allow advertisers to control various aspects of ad group targeting, bidding, and ad rotation.

How you can use Ad Group Settings

For example, in Google Ads, ad group settings enable advertisers to specify targeting criteria such as keywords, demographics, locations, and devices for each ad group. Additionally, they can set bid adjustments, ad scheduling, and ad rotation settings to optimise ad performance.

Key Takeaways

  1. Targeting Options: Ad group settings allow advertisers to define specific targeting criteria, including keywords, audience demographics, geographic locations, and device preferences.
  2. Bid Adjustments: Advertisers can adjust bids at the ad group level to prioritise certain demographics, locations, or devices based on performance data and campaign objectives.
  3. Ad Rotation: Ad group settings determine how ads within the group are rotated and displayed to users, influencing ad exposure and performance.
  4. Ad Schedule: Advertisers can set specific days and times for ad delivery based on audience behaviour and campaign goals, optimising ad visibility and performance.
  5. Budget Allocation: Ad group settings help allocate budgets effectively by specifying how much to spend on different targeting criteria and adjusting bids accordingly.


What are ad group settings in online advertising?

Ad group settings are configuration options that control how ads are organised and displayed within an advertising campaign, including targeting criteria, bid adjustments, ad rotation, and ad scheduling.

How do I set up ad group settings in Google Ads?

In Google Ads, navigate to the campaign settings and select the ad group for which you want to configure settings. Then, adjust targeting criteria, bid adjustments, ad rotation, and ad scheduling as needed.

Can I change ad group settings after launching a campaign?

Yes, advertisers can modify ad group settings at any time during a campaign to optimise targeting, bidding, and ad performance based on real-time data and campaign objectives.

What is ad rotation, and why is it important in ad group settings?

Ad rotation determines how ads within an ad group are displayed to users. It's important because it influences ad exposure and performance by controlling which ads are shown and how often they appear.

How do bid adjustments work in ad group settings?

Bid adjustments allow advertisers to increase or decrease bids for specific targeting criteria such as demographics, locations, or devices, helping to optimise ad performance and budget allocation.

Can I use different ad group settings for different campaigns?

Yes, advertisers can customise ad group settings for each campaign based on campaign goals, target audience, and advertising objectives.

What is ad scheduling, and how does it impact ad delivery?

Ad scheduling allows advertisers to specify the days and times when ads should be shown to users. It impacts ad delivery by controlling when and how frequently ads appear, optimising for maximum visibility and engagement.

Are there any best practices for optimising ad group settings?

Best practices for optimising ad group settings include thorough keyword research, precise targeting, strategic bid adjustments, frequent performance monitoring, and continuous optimisation based on campaign data.

How can I track the performance of ad group settings?

Advertisers can track the performance of ad group settings using metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on ad spend (ROAS) to evaluate the effectiveness of targeting, bidding, and ad rotation strategies.

Are there any tools available to help with optimising ad group settings?

Yes, various third-party tools and bid management platforms offer features and functionalities to streamline ad group settings optimisation, automate bid adjustments, and enhance campaign performance.

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